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Trip to the Zoo

Captain’s Table 21.6.24

Captain’s Table 14.6.24

Character Dress up Day

Captain’s Table 7.6.24


Captain’s Table 17.5.24

Transport Pictures made of 2D shapes

cAPTAIN’S tABLE 10.5.24

Paper Plane Competition!

Thank you to all the mums and dads who came! We had a great time.

Captain’s Table 3.5.24

This week we have been enjoying taking on the role of Dr in the baby clinic.

Captain’s Table 26.4.24

Captain’s Table 19.4.24

Transport hunt

Easter Ducks

Happy Easter and Eid! Have a great holiday Nursery. Super singing today

Captain’s Table 22.3.24

Captain’s Table 15.3.24


Have a look at our super Daffodil pictures we painted for mothers day!

Captain’s Table


Chinese Art

Thank you to all the parents that joined us for Chinese New Year art!


We made trolls to retell the story of ‘The Three Billy Goats Gruff’.

We started by mixing yellow and blue to make green. We painted the plates and then added the features of the troll such as sharp teeth and a warty nose.

Take a look.

Captain’s Table 9.2.24

Jack and the beanstalk

This week we have been reading the story ‘Jack and the Beanstalk’. We have been sculpting and painting beanstalks.

cAPTAIN’S tABLE 2.5.24 AND 29.1.24

Captain’s Table

Happy Birthday!

Fun in the snow!

Happy Birthday Rayan and Ibrahim!

Engage – We found an egg!

Happy Birthday Rayan!

Happy Birthday

Festive Fun Day!

Super Nativity

Captain’s Table 15.12.23

Happy Birthday Ruqayya

This week we found a lost penguin!

Captain’s Table 8.12.2

Captain’s Table 1.12.23

This week we have been making Rockets to visit the moon!

Captain’s Table 24.11.23

This week we have been copying Monty’s Repeating Patterns!


Over the weekend Nursery have been keeping thier teeth clean.

Happy Birthday Novah! 4!!!!


Captain’s Table 3.11.23

Starry Night

In Nursery we have been painting like the picture ‘Starry Night’. Have a look at our super pictures.

Autumn Walk 30.10.23

Our Rainbow Song

Listen to our Rainbow Song!

We made fruit kebabs as part of our D&T. We have been learning how to safely use a knife to cut strawberries and bananas.

They were yummy!